ETRADEX LTD | Scam and scammer? Reviews and site review is just an anonymous crypto scam site. Facts and exposure of a one-day site.

Recent domain registration

⚠️ Attention! The domain was recently registered. Fraud schemes use new domains to avoid detection and negative reviews online.

One of the first signs that a company is dubious is the recent registration of a domain. According to WHOIS data, was registered very recently, which may indicate the temporary nature of the project. Fraudsters often create new websites to hide their activities and quickly disappear after collecting funds from gullible investors.

License and registration

⚠️ Attention! The lack of a license is a serious indicator of the illegality of the activities of ETRADEX LTD.

One of the main problems associated with ETRADEX LTD is the lack of a brokerage license. In the UK, financial services companies are required to be registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). A check of the FCA register did not identify ETRADEX LTD, indicating that it does not have the necessary license to legally operate a brokerage business.

There is no evidence that this website — belongs to this company. The age and content of the web resource may indicate that this is our favorite line of scammers who take other people’s legal entities. cover data. Therefore, these are more likely anonymous scammers than the company itself trying to deceive someone.

Reviews and complaints

⚠️ Attention! Scam: there are no reviews about the new project, but there are associated risks.

Although the new project does not yet have reviews, it is worth paying attention to the address it uses. Numerous reviews of negative experiences with other projects at this address indicate potential risks.

Conclusion on ETRADEX LTD

⚠️ Attention! Based on the above factors, ETRADEX LTD and the website appear to be potential scammers. It is recommended to avoid any financial interactions with this company and report suspicious activities to the appropriate regulatory authorities.


What is ETRADEX LTD and why should you avoid it?

ETRADEX LTD is a company registered in England and Wales but is not licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide investment services. Their activities have no legal basis, which makes their platform unreliable and potentially harmful to your investment. In addition, there is no evidence that the website is official and associated with this company.

What signs indicate that ETRADEX LTD is a fraudulent platform?

Several signs of a scam include promises of high returns, manual payments, lack of a license from the FCA and a general lack of transparency. Also, suspicious activity.

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